September 1


The Key to Creating an Exciting Income & Lifestyle

By Mike

September 1, 2015

Ready to create an exciting income and a lifestyle you love? Here’s the key to making it happen…

Way back in 1994 I was sat at my day job desk pondering about what I really wanted to do with my life. I was 33 years old working as a quality engineer for a company that made interior trim parts for the automotive industry. Things like dashboards and door panels for Ford, Saab, Volkswagen and Opel (GM).

The job was interesting, hard work, long hours but I did enjoy my work. A car goes through several so called facelifts in its lifecycle, you know a different shape this and a better that and these cycles last about 18 months then a new one starts and so on.

Well I had about 32 years of working in a job before retirement at 65 which meant about 21 more cycles of never ending new designs which meant meeting after meeting after meeting, with people I really didn’t want to spend time with. On problems that were in themselves challenging and interesting but where getting more monotones as time went on.

Sitting there at my desk pondering my colleague Geoff handed me a book with the title ‘Voyaging on a Small Income’ by Annie Hill. Geoff said Mike read this book it’s an alternative to the 9-5 lifestyle we all are living. This is what I’m going to do he said and walked away.

Well I read the book cover to cover within 24 hours, Annie talked about how she and her husband Peter sold their house built their own sailing yacht from scratch and sailed off around the world.

Well it sounded wonderful what a good idea leave behind the 9-5 routine, the two weeks holiday in the summer and the few stolen weekends and of course the short holidays over Christmas and sail off into the sunset. Wow, I was hooked.

My wife Ann brought me back down to earth though when I spoke about the book the next day. She liked the idea but said we’d have to try out this sailing lark and of course how would we finance this whole thing. Yes we could sell our house and use the equity to build a yacht but what then?

For nearly a year I racked my brain on how to finance the idea, I asked all our friends for their input, asked the ones who had a business if a business could be the answer.

Meanwhile Ann and I did go on several sailing holidays, we both took theory and practical courses as Competent Crew, Day Skipper and Yacht Master. Both of us loved sailing, the freedom of being responsible for our own safety and knowing that we could go anywhere, Bora Bora, Tahiti, France even Scotland, had we had a yacht of our own.

Ann and I had no idea how we would finance our dream all we knew was that if we didn’t start building the yacht we’d still be thinking about it when we were 70 so we took the plunge and started building.

Both of us were still working full time Ann as a teacher and me well I was still going to the meetings with people I didn’t want to be with, well you get the picture.

Both of us were working full time and we were building our yacht in the remaining few hours we had each week and at weekends.

Then it all happened, out of the blue Ann’s best friend Wendy phoned us and said I’ve found the way for you to finance your lifestyle want to take a look at what I found?

Ann and I were indeed sceptical about the opportunity that Wendy introduced us to, but after some thorough research and upon deciding to join, decided that failure was not an option.

We will always be grateful to Wendy who gave us a brochure to read all those years ago and for her to push us into seriously investigating the Forever opportunity as a way to make our dream of owning a sailing yacht and sailing around in sunnier climates possible.

Ann and I joined Forever in July 1996 and have achieved phenomenal success with this business and upon deciding to join, we decided that failure was not an option.

“When we joined Forever, there was an urgent need to make £2,000 a month so that we could continue with our Sailing Yacht build project without having to continue to work our stressful jobs but within two years, we were on more money than we both earned in our full time jobs.

A further 3 years on, our Sailing Yacht Ruffles Spray was launched and we left the UK to meander around the Mediterranean.

Both of us spend most of the year on our Yacht and still continue to invite people to look at Forever as an alternative to their 9-5 jobs. Incredible for ‘ordinary people’ like us, but true what started out as a little very part time hobby business turned into a life changing business that’s continuing to span the globe.

I believe the risks that create the biggest changes are sometimes the simplest ones. Was it risky to start building our yacht before we had a way of financing the lifestyle that we wanted to live?

Yes of course it was, but having made the decision to go for it, to not let anything stand in our way, even if it meant that failure would mean huge financial problems, was the catalyst to finding Forever the business that changed our lives.

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