September 20


5 Reasons to Quit Your Job In 2020 – Reason 2

By Mike

September 20, 2015

Reason 2 – A better retirement pension:

 A little while ago a friend of mine, let’s call him John, told me that he was looking at the figures from the probate office and those5 Reasons to quit your Job figures showed that 95% of people who died each year had less than £5000 pounds in the bank.

They worked hard for 40 years and they finish up with less than £5000 pounds.

How can that be? Because they exchange their time for money, it doesn’t matter if you are drilling holes in the road or drilling holes in teeth, if you don’t drill you don’t earn and you can only drill for a certain number of hours.

Another interesting statistic, of those 5% who do not die broke 1% of them inherited it.

They had rich Parents or Relatives or they had a trust. 3% out of that 5% had a business and 1% of those 5% were in a job.

Think about that, it means you got a 1 in 100 chance of not dying broke if you are in a job.

Let me revise that statement you have a 1 in 100 chance of dying broke if you just rely on a job.

The equation works something like this, to keep it short let’s just say you can earn £10 an hour and you can work for 40 hours per week and you can work for 50 weeks per year and work for 40 years your earning potential for that 40 year period would be £800,000.

Which would be great if you had it in the bank but we know that 95% of people have less than £5000 in the bank at the end of their time here on this earth.

Let’s have a look at what happens to that £800,000. How come you only have less that £5000 at the end?

Well number one there is this thing in the UK called income tax, in a job that’s PAYE, Pay As You Earn tax and that other thing called NI, National Insurance.

Now both of them, added together, will take 30% of that £800,000 before you even see it as the government will steal it immediately so:

£800,000 – £240,000 = £560,000 left

Then we all need somewhere to live and in the UK it amounts to around 38% of our earnings so £800,000 times 38% is £300,000 now if you say my house did not cost 300k then work it out over 25 years with interest.

Then you have to live, heating, electricity, food, school stuff, fares, petrol or diesel, clothes and all that other stuff.

Another 25% so £200,000 leaving potentially £60,000 in the bank but 95% of people have less than £5000 in the bank!


Because they make one fundamental mistake they go out, they go to the cinema they go out for meals, they take the kids out, they go on holidays, because they measure life by what they do and not by what they have, as life is for living, life is for doing.

I bought into that system that guarantees me to die brook.

  • I went to school,
  • I went to college,
  • I studied,
  • I went into a profession,
  • I worked hard,
  • I worked long hours…

…and after 20 years of my 40 year plan after getting half way through, I realised that it’s all true, I was heading for being a statistic, I was on the path of being broke in retirement.

Thing are not getting better or worse, it’s all the same 40 year plan the Government wants you to buy into, it’s just under a different name, spun up to look like it will work out when you get to retirement age.

           The majority of people are happy to work hard, spend time doing something that will give them a better retirement plan, more time with their children and loved ones, more job security, less daily stress and a better lifestyle, a better future. I was no different, what about you?

Way back in 1996 a good friend of mine told me “if you keep doing what you’re doing you’ll get what you got, if you want things to change then you’ll need to do something new”.

If you’d like to do something new that could lead to quitting your job in 2020 to and create a better retirement pension then find out more about what Ann and I did more than 20 years ago.  Click here to learn more.

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