September 20


5 Reasons to Quit Your Job In 2020 – Reason 5

By Mike

September 20, 2015

Reason 5 – Live a better lifestyle:

Nobody can simply “QUIT!” their jobs and live on a beach. Every one of us has “bills to pay”.5 Reasons to quit your Job

I’m not saying quit today.

What I am saying is have an alternative strategy running alongside your job because today, in the twenty first century, there are literally hundreds of opportunities out there that offer a way to start developing something alongside the day job, part time, an hour here an hour there, opportunities that can lead to the day where you can walk into the office and quit your job.

Until you have a workable strategy that gives you the option of quitting your job it’s only going to get tougher out there in the job market, a market that is constantly changing.

Ann and I have a workable strategy, to make this strategy work for you you don’t have to have a particular background. You can have done anything.

Your current or past career successes (or mistakes) are not the guiding factor in this. Your character and your passion to work on your own terms, allowing you time for other stuff – family, holidays, hobbies, time-off, etc are what will make this work for you, as it has for us.

What drives us is freedom, lifestyle and peace of mind, both of us love connecting with people who seek freedom, who seek a different lifestyle, who seek peace of mind and inspiring them to start their own journey today.

Way back in 1996 a good friend of mine told me “if you keep doing what you’re doing you’ll get what you got, if you want things to change then you’ll need to do something new”.

If you’d like to do something new that could lead to quitting your job in 2020 and create the lifestyle you dream of then find out more about what Ann and I did more than 20 years ago.  Click here to learn more.

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